For a quick glimpse of my work and calling, check out our most recent ad for the European Forum Alpbach 2016, which I regularly work with in our shared effort to foster the dialogue between academia, media, and political stakeholders -- for a more transparent and efficient public discourse and improved policy solutions. 




If you're interested in the analyses of language used in the current refugee emergency across Europe and the US-primaries, you may enjoy my recent INTERVIEWS with the German ZEIT and Süddeutsche, the Austrian Standard and the Swiss Neue Zürcher Zeitung on the topic. For more interviews, check out the Media Section.


If you're interested in more in-depth analyses of some of our current issues, including the refugee emergency and social policy, take a look at my recent EDITORIALS for Spiegel OnlineForschung & Lehre and Carta.


And, check out my NEW BOOK Politisches Framing, out in February 2016 and currently #1 AMAZON BESTSELLER in three categories!


Some recent BOOK REVIEWS -- for more, check out the Media section.