Public Talks and Workshops for Citizens, Media, & Politics


Party of European Socialists & Social Democrats: Framing TTIP, the Refugee Emergency, & the Global Climate Crisis, Vienna, June 24

Police Education Program on Communication and Conflict: Managing Conflict and Cross-Cultural Communication, Munich, June 21

Institute for Societal Development, NRW-Dialogue: The Power of Language in Politics, Düsseldorf, June 15

Green Party & Renner Institute Vorarlberg: The Mind's Politics, Dornbirn, June 13 

Renner Institut, Sir-Peter-Ustinov-Institut und International Institute for Peace (IIP): Populism and Political Language, Vienna, June 9

WikoPrevent Symposium of Conflict Communication: Responsible Communication in Times of Social Tension, Hainburg, June 9 

Heinrich Böll Foundation: A Green Narrative for Social Justice, Berlin, March 18

Institute for Media and Political Communication and Heinrich Böll Foundation: Political Framing: How language impacts policymaking, Berlin, March 3

Caritas: Responding to the Refugee Emergency, Vienna, February 24

ORF Radio and European Forum Alpbach: Language, Power, Politics, Vienna February 23

European Forum Alpbach, Headquarters: Framing, and Introduction for Journalists and Political LeadersVienna, February 22

Herbert von Halem Publishers: Political Framing, Cologne, February 17

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Project: Equality Now!, Berlin, January 18


Convention of Social Democratic Academics & Artists: Framing, Regional Campaigning, and the Refugee Crisis. September 17 

European Forum Alpbach, PolitLabs: The Moral Brain: Framing, Values, and DemocracyAlpbach, August 29-30

Club Alpbach Vorarlberg: Cognitive Campaigning for Young European Activists, Alpbach, August 29

Denkwerk Demokratie: Language and Power in Politics, Berlin, March 3

Open Society European Policy Institute & Counterpoint: Bringing Cognitive Science to Politics, Brussels, February 24

Open Society Foundation: The Moral Motives of Left- and Right-Wing PopulismBrussels, February 23

European Eco-Social Forum: The Language of Agriculture and Renewable Energy ProductionVienna, January 24

Annual Convention of the Green Party in the German Bundestag: Framing Green ValuesWeimar, January 9 


Cevea Think Tank: Moral Politics and Framing in Denmark and the EU, Copenhagen, December 16

Danish Teacher Union Symposium: Framing Education & Teacher UnionsCopenhagen, December 16

European Forum Alpbach: The European Union in Search of a New NarrativeAlpbach, August 24

European Forum Alpbach, PolitLabs: The Partisan Brain: Framing, Cognition, and the Unconscious VoterAlpbach, August 23


European Parliament S&D Group: Framing the EUBrussels, September 27

Center for Progressivism: Framing and the Democratic ProcessBerlin, June 19 

German Renewable Energy Federation & Renewable Energy Agency: The Values of Clean Energy and SustainabilityBerlin, June 18

Heinrich Böll Foundation: Rethinking the Communication of Environmental Concerns, Berlin, June 17

European Parliament S&D Group: Framing European ProgressivismStrasbourg, June 12


European Eco-Social Forum: Communicating the Moral Principles of SustainabilityVienna, October 13

World Café, Austrian Chamber of Labour: The Morality of Worker RightsVienna, July 18

Heinrich Böll Foundation North America: Framing Green Politics, Washington DC, June 21

Institute for Media and Political Communication & Mercator Foundation: Moral Framing, Berlin, January 30

Bruno Kreisky Forum: Conservative and Progressive Ideology in European DiscoursesVienna, January 27


Annual Convention of the Social Democrats of Upper Austria: The Principles of Social-Democratic Freedom, Linz, November 19

Austrian Chamber of Labour: Rethinking the Moral Foundations of Workers’ RightsLinz, November 17

Urban Administration Council: Political Language in Regional GovernanceLinz, November 16

Social-Democratic Municipal Councils Group: Moral Politics and Local Political Leadership, Vienna, November 14

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Convention on European Social Democracy: Party Reform: Campaigning, Culture, and Best PracticeBerlin, July 8

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Symposium for Political and Opinion Leaders: Politics in the Brain, Berlin, June 9

Renner Institute: Achieving Moral Transparency through FramingSalzburg, May 30

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Project for Immigration and Societal Integration: Power and LanguageBerlin, January 17


Renner Foundation: Moral Public Discourse in AustriaKlagenfurt, October 1

Foundation for Social Responsibility: Metaphors, Manipulation, and PowerBerlin, June 29

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Education Policy Guidelines Institute: Political language, a matter of trust?, Berlin, June 25

Annual Member Meeting of the Social Democrats of Upper Austria: Framing in Public DiscourseLinz, June 18

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Leader Academy on State, Civil Society, and Social Democracy: On How the Mind Does Politics, Würzburg, January 23


German Federal Agency for Civic Education, Symposium for Political Journalism: Framing in Political Reporting, Darmstadt, October 12

Activist Forum of the Party of European Socialists: Cognitive Campaigning, Vienna, July 5

Bertelsmann Foundation, Strategic Reform Management in Politics Symposium: Democratic Discourses in Lieu of Cognitive Science, Berlin, May 16

European Women Lobby: The Language of Women’s RightsBrussels, January 24

Rainbow Rose & Party of European Socialists Women Group: Framing Gender Equality and LGTB Rights, Brussels, January 23

Academic Guest Lectures & Colloquium Talks


Metaphor and Morality in Politics, Cognitive Science Department at University of California, Merced, September 29

Dirty Politics: The Neural Validity of Disgust Metaphors in Political Language Processing, Cog Network, UC, Berkeley, September 14

The Role of Moral Disgust in Political Judgment, Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics (105), Linguistics and Cognitive Science Department, UC, Berkeley, July 2  

Non-Verbal Framing Through Gesture in Political Debate, Gesture Studies, Linguistics Department, UC, Berkeley, July 1

The Values of Conservatism, Liberalism, and the 'Political Middle', International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley, May 21

The Nation As Family Metaphor, Introduction to the Study of Language, Department of English Language and Literature, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, March 10


The Conceptual Basis of Moral Judgment in Politics, Rhetoric Department, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, December 17

Public Discourse and Political Judgment, Communications Department, University of Roskilde, Roskilde, December 17  

Embodied Cognition and Political Beliefs Part II, Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics (105), Linguistics Department, UC, Berkeley, November 25

Gesture Prosody, Pragmatics (123), Linguistics Department, UC, Berkeley, November 24

Metaphoric Framing Effects, Metaphor (106), Linguistics Department, UC, Berkeley, October 16

The Metaphoric Construal of Moral Disgust, The Brain's Politics (209), Linguistics Department, UC, Berkeley, October 16

Metaphor and Politics, Introduction to Metaphor, Cognitive Science Department at University of California, Merced, October 8

The Embodiment of Pragmatic Force in Gesture, Gesture Centre, Vreije Universitaet Amsterdam, Amsterdam, September 4

Embodied Cognition and Political Beliefs Part I, Introduction to Cognitive Linguistics (105), Linguistics Department, UC, Berkeley, July 23

Getting Pushy: Force Embodiment in Argumentative Gestures, Cog Network, UC, Berkeley, March 10


The Moral Conceptual Bases of Political Beliefs, Introduction to Metaphor, Cognitive Science Department at University of California, Merced, November 12

A Nation Under Joint Custody: Family Models and Political Polarization, Cog Network, UC, Berkeley, September 9

Metaphor and Politics, Mind and Language (105), Linguistics Department, UC, Berkeley, July 3

The Cognitive Validity of the Strict-Father and Nurtuarnt-Parent Models in Moral Politics Theory, International Computer Science Institute, Berkeley, May 1


Gesture and Political Thought, Pragmatics (123), Linguistics Department, UC, Berkeley, November 19

Conceptual Metaphor, Framing, and Political Persuasion, Introduction to Metaphor, Cognitive Science Department at University of California, Merced, October 30

Moral Metaphoric Cognition, Colloquium talk at the W. Maurice Young Center for Applied Ethics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, May 17


The Impact of Gesture on Social Attitudes, The Politics of Language (51), Linguistics Department, UC, Berkeley, September 20

Gesture Pragmatics, Pragmatics (123), Linguistics Department, UC, Berkeley, September 15

The Embodied Bases of “Moral” Gestures, Mind and Language (105), Linguistics Department, UC, Berkeley, August 11

Embodied Cognition and the Berlusconi Phenomenon, Colloquium talk at the Psychology Department, Università degli Studi di Milano, May 15


Metaphor and Gesture, Metaphor (106), Linguistics Department, UC, Berkeley, October 5

Bimodal Speech Acts, Mind and Language (105), Linguistics Department, UC, Berkeley, September 29

Political Debate is Gesture War, Colloquium talk at RWTH Aachen University, Centre for Natural Media and Engineering, Aachen, January 21

Emotion, Cognition, and Politics, Hertie School of Governance, Strategic Political Communication, Berlin, January 15


Gesture in Face-to-Face Discourse, Discourse Analysis (250), German Department, UC, Berkeley, October 14


Metaphoric Framings in the German Taxation Debate, The Mind, Language, and Politics (104), Linguistics & Cognitive Science Department, UC, Berkeley, May 7

Metaphor and Religion, The Mind, Language, and Politics (104), Linguistics & Cognitive Science Department, UC, Berkeley, April 6

Metaphors in the German Immigration Debate, The Mind, Language, and Politics (104), Linguistics & Cognitive Science Department, UC, Berkeley, February 3




Academic Conference Talks

To Rescue or to Self-Defend?: The Semantic Structures of Moral Narratives in Public Discourse, Narratives of Justice: Conceptual Profiles of Discrimination in Digital Culture, University of Bonn, February 16, 2016

Does the Brain 'Grasp' Politics, Even When it Doesn't?: Modulation of Motor and Premotor Areas by Affirmative and Negated Hand Action Metaphors, 13th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Northumbria University, Newcastle, July 21, 2015 

Morally Queasy: Insula and Basal Ganglia Responses to Literal and Metaphoric Disgust Language, 13th International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Northumbria University, Newcastle, July 21, 2015

A Nation Under Joint Custody: How Conflicting Family Models Divide US-Politics, 12th Conceptual Structure, Discourse, and Language Conference, University of California at Santa Barbara, November 5, 2014

Pragmatic Functions of Gestures in Face-to-Face Discourse, 2nd Conference of the American Pragmatics Association, University of California at Los Angeles, October 17, 2014

Discourse Management Gestures, Gesture Pragmatics Symposium, Linguistics Department, University of California, Berkeley, April 8, 2013

Gesture Prosody, 5th Conference of the International Society of Gesture Studies, University of Lund, July 25, 2012

When Interlocutors Get Pushy: Communicative Force in Discourse Management Gestures, 11th Conceptual Structure, Discourse, and Language Conference, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, May 17, 2012

Italy, Miraculously Cured: Berlusconi’s Metaphors, Invited talk at the International Conference on Metaphor and Communication, University of Cagliari, May 14, 2011

The Unleashed Ruler: Metaphoric Framings of Capitalism, 4th International Conference of German Cognitive Linguistics Association, University of Bremen, October 8, 2010

Bimodal Speech Acts, 4th Conference of the International Society of Gesture Studies, European University Viadrina Frankfurt Oder, July 28, 2010

Pragmatic Gestures and Communicative Intent, Language and Embodiment Symposium, Anthropology Department, University of California, Berkeley, April 8, 2010

Argument is Gesture War: Function, Form and Prosody of Discourse Structuring Gestures in Political Argument, 35th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society, Berkeley, February 16, 2009