"I share what we know from the cognitive sciences about human decision-making and language, because I think people need to know!  
I think anybody who’s in politics, anybody who’s a citizen in a democracy needs to  know how their brain functions, how their mind functions, and how relevant language is for good democratic discourse."  
– European Forum Alpbach, 2015

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Upcoming & Recent Public Speaking

Selected Recent Collaborations

Public Speaking Archive


WWF Germany

Keynote on the intersection of nature and wildlife preservation, morality, and language, Berlin, June 21, 2017


Tag der Deutschen Industrie

Panel on elections and rational voter choices, Berlin, June 19, 2017


TDI Young Leaders

Language and cognition in society, market, and politics, Berlin, May 19, 2017


WWF Germany

Keynote on language and environmental discourses, Berlin, May 12, 2017


Bertelsmann Foundation

Keynote on moral transparency, cognitive political research, and polling methods, Gütersloh, May 9, 2017

re:publica Love Out Loud

Keynote on framing and neurocognitive campaigning, Berlin, May 8, 2017

Böll Foundation Theatre Conference

Keynote on framing, the arts, and politics, Berlin, May 6, 2017

Association German Press Speakers

Panel on information and communication in the 'post-factual' era, Berlin, April 25, 2017

Friedrich Ebert Foundation Berlin

Keynote on national security framing, Berlin, April 24, 2017

International Planned Parenthood Federation

Keynote on family planning, women's health, and language, Brussels, April 19, 2017

Social Democrats Bundestag, Annual Convention

Keynote on political morality, framing, and democratic transparency, Berlin, January 30


EGA: Center for Women

Panel Discussion on the Language in Women's Rights Debates and Modern Misogyny, Vienna, December 14

Friedrich Ebert Foundation: More Equality

The Equality Concept in Conservatism and Liberalism, Berlin, November 28

Bavarian Police Education Program 

An Introduction to Framing in Police Work, Munich, November 22

Concordia Media Club

Framing and the US-Presidential Election Campaigns, Vienna, November 14

Congress for Women in Media

Panel Discussion on Transparent Journalism, Vienna, November 9

Political Formats

Language, Trends, and Emotions in Politics: The US-Presidential Elections 2016, Berlin, November 4

Oxfam Germany

The Role of Framing for Social Change, Berlin, November 4

US-Elections 2016 Public Lecture

Moral Framing in the Candidate's Campaigns, Berlin, November 1  

German Renewable Energy Agency

Media Award Keynote: Moral Framing and Environmentalism, Berlin, October 31


The Role of Language for Strategic Campaigning, Berlin, October 31

Friedrich Ebert Foundation Asia

The Values of Social Democracy and Public Narratives, Seoul, October 14-15

ARS Electronica: Politics Meets Social Media

The Impact of Social Media on Political Processes, Linz, September 9

ARS Electronica: Politics Meets Social Media 

Panel Discussion on Political Education and the Internet, Linz, September 8

European Socialists & Social Democrats

Framing TTIP, the Refugee Emergency, & the Global Climate Crisis, Vienna, June 24

Bavarian Police Education Program

Managing Conflict and Cross-Cultural Communication, Munich, June 21

Institute for Societal Development

NRW-Dialog: The Power of Language in Politics, Düsseldorf, June 15

Green Party & Renner Institute Vorarlberg

The Mind's Politics, Dornbirn, June 13

Renner Institut, Sir-Peter-Ustinov-Institut &

International Institute for Peace (IIP)

Populism and Political Language, Vienna, June 9

WikoPrevent Symposium

Responsible Communication in Times of Social Tension, Hainburg, June 9

Heinrich Böll Foundation

A Green Narrative for Social Justice, Berlin, March 18

Media & Communication Policy Institute

Political Framing: How language impacts policymaking, Berlin, March 3


Responding to the Refugee Emergency, Vienna, February 24

ORF Radio and European Forum Alpbach

Language, Power, Politics, Vienna February 23

European Forum Alpbach

Framing: An Introduction for Journalists and Political LeadersVienna, February 22

Herbert von Halem Publishers

Political Framing, Cologne, February 17

Equality Now!, Friedrich Ebert Foundation

The Meaning of Equality, Berlin, January 18


Social Democratic Academics & Artists

Framing, Regional Campaigning, and the Refugee Crisis. September 17

European Forum Alpbach, PolitLabs

The Moral Brain: Framing, Values, and Democracy, Alpbach, August 29-30


Club Alpbach Vorarlberg

Cognitive Campaigning for Young European Activists, Alpbach, August 29


Denkwerk Demokratie

Language and Power in Politics, Berlin, March 3


Open Society Foundations & Counterpoint

Bringing Cognitive Science to Politics, Brussels, February 24


Open Society Foundations

The Moral Motives of Left- and Right-Wing PopulismBrussels, February 23


European Eco-Social Forum

The Language of Agriculture and Renewable Energy Production, Vienna, January 24


Green Party Bundestag Annual Convention 

Framing Green Values, Weimar, January 9


Cevea Think Tank

Moral Politics and Framing in Denmark and the EU, Copenhagen, December 16

Danish Teacher Union Symposium

Framing Education & Teacher UnionsCopenhagen, December 16

European Forum Alpbach

The European Union in Search of a New Narrative, Alpbach, August 24

European Forum Alpbach, PolitLabs

The Partisan Brain: Framing, Cognition, and the Unconscious VoterAlpbach, August 23


European Parliament S&D Group

Framing the EU, Brussels, September 27

Center for Progressivism

Framing and the Democratic ProcessBerlin, June 19 

German Renewable Energy Federation 

The Values of Clean Energy and SustainabilityBerlin, June 18

Heinrich Böll Foundation

Rethinking the Communication of Environmental Concerns, Berlin, June 17

European Parliament S&D Group

Framing European ProgressivismStrasbourg, June 12


European Eco-Social Forum

Communicating the Moral Principles of Sustainability, Vienna, October 13

World Café, Austrian Chamber of Labour

The Morality of Worker RightsVienna, July 18

Heinrich Böll Foundation North America

Framing Green Politics, Washington DC, June 21

Media & Communication Policy Institute

Moral Framing, Berlin, January 30

Bruno Kreisky Forum

Conservative and Progressive Ideology in European DiscoursesVienna, January 27


Social Democrats Upper Austria

Annual Convention: The Principles of Social-Democratic Freedom, Linz, November 19

Austrian Chamber of Labour

Rethinking the Moral Foundations of Workers’ Rights, Linz, November 17

Urban Administration Council

Political Language in Regional GovernanceLinz, November 16

Social-Democratic Municipal Councils

Moral Politics and Local Political Leadership, Vienna, November 14

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Party Reform

Social Deocracy: Campaigning, Culture, and Best PracticeBerlin, July 8

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Policy Symposium

Training for Opinion Leaders: Politics in the Brain, Berlin, June 9

Renner Institute

Achieving Moral Transparency through Framing, Salzburg, May 30

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Immigration

Power and LanguageBerlin, January 17


Renner Foundation

Moral Public Discourse in AustriaKlagenfurt, October 1

Foundation for Social Responsibility

Metaphors, Manipulation, and PowerBerlin, June 29

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Policy Institute

Political language, a matter of trust?, Berlin, June 25

Social Democrats Upper Austria

Annual Member Meeting: Framing in Public Discourse, Linz, June 18

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Civil Society

On How the Mind Does Politics, Würzburg, January 23


German Federal Agency for Civic Education

Symposium for Political Reporting: Framing in Political Reporting, Darmstadt, October 12

Activist Forum Party of European Socialists

Cognitive Campaigning, Vienna, July 5

Bertelsmann Foundation

Strategic Reform Management Convention: Democratic Discourses in Lieu of Cognitive Science, Berlin, May 16

European Women Lobby

The Language of Women’s RightsBrussels, January 24

Rainbow Rose & European Socialist Women

Framing Gender Equality and LGTB Rights, Brussels, January 23