If you're interested in working with me, please get in touch to inquire about details! Every client is unique. Whether you want to organize a public talk, a workshop for your political communications team, or an in-depth group or individual training in Cognitive Campaigning techniques. Whether you are a business looking for the best way to brand yourself and your products, or want to get skilled in Cognitive Branding. 

Once I know who you are and what context you're working with, I can decide how to best support you in reframing your politics or business, acquiring Cognitive Campaigning and Branding skills, or getting skilled in nonverbal framing for your next TV-interview or public debate. 

elisabethwehling [at] berkeley.edu 

+01 (510) 860 9966


Here are some ways in which I can support clients in reaching their political and industry goals.



Talks & Trainings

Introductory Talk Cognitive Campaigning

Introductory Talk + Mini-Workshop Cognitive Campaigning

Cognitive Campaigning and Framing for Communications Teams & Politicians

Framing-Based Speech Writing

Identifying Core Values & Policy Goals (Groups) 

Alignment of Political Leadership with Core Values & Life Biography (Individual)

Campaigns, Frame-Manuals & Speeches


Issue Areas Targeted for Former Clients 

Environmental & Climate Change Communication

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energies

Farming & Sustainability 

Regulations & Consumer Protection

Economy & Taxation

Worker Rights, Unions, & Business Ethics

Welfare & Social Infrastructures

Crime Prevention

Income and Social Inequality

Education, Teacher Unions, & Public Education

Anti-Islamic and Antisemitic Aggression

Sexism, Gender-Inequality, & Objectification of Female Citizens in Media 

Racism & Systemic Racism Against Black US-Citizens

LGTB Rights & Marriage Equality

Immigration & Integration 

Refugees & Human Rights



Talks & Trainings

Introductory Talk Cognitive Branding

Introductory Talk + Mini-Workshop Cognitive Branding 

Cognitive Branding for Marketing & Advertisement Teams

Alignment of Leadership Goals with Core Values (Executives)